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Declan Oberg

Declan Oberg

Declan Oberg is a freshman at Arlington High School and is a member of the Eagle News Media staff. Declan is an avid backpacker and loves blazing the trail with friends.  Declan mostly partakes in the photography aspect of the AHS Eagle but occasionally dabbles in a story. 

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students working on an art project.

The Importance of Art in School

December 17, 2021

Art has a big part in how your brain develops and if school systems included more artistic activities in school, kids would have more fun and overall be better academically. Creating art of any kind is...

The stage in BPAC.

“All in The Timing” by David Ives, Inside Look

December 15, 2021

Live performances are back here at AHS and to kick it off we are starting with “All In The Timing” by David Ives (a collection of five short plays). November The 5th  at 7 pm will be the first time...

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