The Importance of Art in School


students working on an art project.

Declan Oberg, Staff Reporter

Art has a big part in how your brain develops and if school systems included more artistic activities in school, kids would have more fun and overall be better academically. Creating art of any kind is proven to help students get rid of stress. Students with more artistic-based classes are shown to do better in other academics such as math and science.


Letting children express themselves through the avenue of art has amazing benefits for developing the brain, especially for younger children. The older you get the harder it is for the creative side of your brain to develop. We must allow students to grow that part of their brain before it’s too late.


“It builds the right side of the brain forming a more well-rounded person,” said AHS art teacher Lauryn Perrigo.


A study done by cognitive neuroscientists found that creating art reduces stress and helps mental health. There has been limited research on the effect art has on the brain, yet all of the research conducted thus far have had positive results.


“It helps kids with their creativity and problem solving,’’ said Perrigo.


Art may not seem like as much work as other subjects in school but it is constantly making brain connections and improving overall mental health. Artistic classes also give students a mental break from a stressful school day and allow them the opportunity to be creative and make something that is personally meaningful, which you don’t see in many other subjects.


“Giving them a quiet place to be themselves can be important,” said Perrigo.


Sharing and enjoying different forms of art is one of the things that hold a society together, so why shouldn’t it be that we learn it when preparing to enter the real world? High school is all about getting you educated and ready for life so why not include one of the biggest and most rewarding parts of life.


“I would love to see more artwork around the school, it makes kids feel at home and comfortable,“ said Perrigo.


Art is proven to have the effect of extending emotions, for example, if you are happy about something in your life and then make art during that emotion you can look back on that art your brain registers that piece of art with the emotion you felt that day.


I encourage you to find an artistic expression/hobby it could be journaling, painting, baking, performing, anything that you enjoy, and includes the expression of art and original thought that will help your brain develop through life and contribute to the certification of healthy mental habits.


“I would like to see more opportunities for kids to take an artistic course, an additional visual arts teacher would be beneficial,” said Perrigo.