Big Brady Bowl #5


Tom Brady raises his fifth Lombardi in celebration after Super Bowl LI

It’s 28-9 . . . 4th quarter . . . Tom Brady. Final score: 34-28 OT – Patriots win! It was a bleak day for Georgia —  reminiscent of February 2015 for Seattle fans. While they celebrate in the streets of Foxborough, they mourn in Atlanta. Students of AHS, though disappointed in the dismal ending to the season committed by the Seahawks, had their own interesting takes on the Super Bowl. Bets were lost, die-hard tears were shed — some in joy, some in grief — and lots of guacamole was devoured.

One Georgia native, the notorious John Mason (’17), stated his crushing disappointment bluntly. “Let me put it this way,” he said, “I cried.” The extent of the loss was greater than that: “I lost a bet to Parker Lajoie (’17), and on Wednesday I had to wear a Patriots beanie,” John Mason finished, scowling in grumpy regret.

Meanwhile, on the other side of things, many students experienced significant euphoria after Brady’s colossal comeback. “I was so pumped. I was like jumping and screaming,” explained freshman Will Shoemaker (’20). This wasn’t Shoemaker’s first experience with victorious catharsis in regards to the Patriots.

Of course, there also exists the vast majority of the student body who neither knew nor cared about the Superbowl. Said Morgan Humphrey (’20), “I don’t know anything about football. The Superbowl is just not a big deal to me.” So, the day lives on in infamy — well to those who follow sports. To others, it was just an exciting finish to a great semester break weekend. And, now, life goes one . . . At least until next February brings new tales of glory. Hopefully Seahawk glory.