The Revenant Movie Review


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The Revenant

Director: Alejandro González Iñárritu 

Run Time: 156 Minutes

Motion Picture Rating: R

I recently went to the IMAX theaters in Seattle to see The Revenant featuring Leonardo DiCaprio. Overall, the movie was extremely intense. With such little dialogue, the movie forced viewers to contemplate and come up with the own interpretations of what happened.


Set in the barren wilderness of South Dakota, The Revenant features a determined Leonardo DiCaprio as a trapping party’s main navigator, Hugh Glass. Facing a harsh winter and numbers enemies in the form of Native tribes, the movie portray one man’s survival against all odds, and a revenge that will chill you to the bone. With tensions running high and no room for error, the small group pushes through the tough northern terrain in an attempt to reach the nearest fort. However, the story changes abruptly when Glass is severely injured. Eventually, some of the team abandons Glass; leaving him to die in the freezing conditions, but not before seizing one of his most valuable possessions. With the odes against him, Glass pushes through, eventually befriending a lone Native American who uses natural methods to heal Glass’ horrendous wounds. As he nears the end of his journey, Glass eventually hunts down his party and seeks revenge.


Throughout the movie, viewers are able to achieve a sense of understanding with Glass, as the movie immerses you in the situation and accurately portrays the same pain, grit, and determination that Glass experiences. Whether it be his need to crawl to safety, using a hollowed out horse to sleep in for warmth, or devouring fresh meat from a recently killed elk carcass, DiCaprio consistently immerses the viewer into the scenes, making it much more realistic. Overall, the movie was sometimes overwhelming, especially because I saw it in IMAX. Despite this, the amazing details–particularly the sound quality–truly brought to life the incredible force of Mother Nature, revenge, and hope.