What’s on Your Plate?

The plate tree in the commons is used to raise awareness against bullying. The tree represents the struggles students are going through and raises awareness that they aren’t alone.

WHATSONYOURPLATEPLATEWalking out into the commons, some people may notice a tree with a lot of plates on the wall close to the C Wing. Many students do not understand why the school has a plate tree in the commons and what the small drawings symbolize on each plate. Last monday, April 6th, a few art classes were given plates for each student to draw something to represent what is on “their plate.” This opportunity allowed the students to describe what they are going through at the time. For example:having problem paying bills, hating the job they may be working at, failing classes they need in order to graduate, people making fun of them at school or they boyfriend/girlfriend just broke up with them. However, this tree was displayed in order to show students that they are not the only one with a lot on their plate. “We hung them up to show students that they aren’t the only ones going through those issues,” Breena Sarver ‘15 said. For many seniors struggling with school, a heavy stressor may be graduating. ASB did an amazing job showing the students at Arlington High School that there are many kids going through unknown struggles and recognizing that, can be helpful. Raising awareness against bullying and to show each student that they aren’t the only ones that are having those issues has been a struggle here at AHS. Although having an anti-bullying day and things of that matter may address the problem, there hasn’t been a lot to show this year that bullying isn’t okay and that everyone has enough going on in their lives.  So before saying something about a particular person take into account that they have enough on their plate.