DECA Members Head to the Sunshine State


Demri Toop

In April, DECA Nationals will be held in Florida. DECA members from across America will be coming to Orlando for a long weekend of competition and sunshine.

Demri Toop, Staff Writer

In early March, a multitude of Arlington High School DECA members went to the State Competition in Bellevue. Out of the hundreds of schools at the competition, Arlington’s own Marc Butters ‘15 was able to place in State and do well enough to move on to the National Competition in Florida. “It’s really awesome that Marc has made it to Nationals. He’s worked really hard all year and no one deserves it more than him. Our whole DECA class is really proud of him,” said DECA accountant Emily Beaton ‘15.

In April, DECA students from across the United States will be gathering in Orlando for yet another competition. This competition will be for DECA members placed high enough in State to qualify, or for DECA members who compete in an event that is only offered at Nationals. The intensity of the competition will be high because everyone there is a fierce competitor and has prepared for their event for months. Butters has been in DECA all four years during his time at Arlington High School so he has definitely waited a long time to get to this point. While the time there will be filled with stress, there will also be plenty of down time.

Unlike the Bellevue Competition, members will be able to use the hotel pool and possibly get a suntan while they are there. While having a DECA Competition is fun in itself, it’s even more fun when it’s in Florida in the spring time. Even though the stress of the competition will be great, walking outside in 80 degree weather and seeing palm trees should put Butters, and the rest of the DECA contestants, more at ease.