Respect Club Welcoming


Breanne Johnson

Respect Team gets their group photo taken on Halloween 2014 before they embark on their journey to collect canned food from the neighborhoods around Arlington High School to participate in the “We Scare Hunger” event. In a change of events they decide to go to La Hacienda and collect food on another day.

Breanne Johnston, Staff Writer

The Service Learning class and Respect club work together to better the community and world. They put on events and assembly’s for Arlington High School and the community while working on global projects as well.

The Service and Respect team accomplished a lot in the past school year, 2013-2014, starting with We Scare Hunger, an event where, on Halloween, the team went around and collected canned food to give to local food bank. Overall they received 300 pounds of non-perishables.

Then, on Martin Luther King Day, they gave Arlington students an opportunity to be people of action and make the school and community a place of love, kindness, and respect by inviting Houston Kraft to give a motivational speech. To follow the assembly, this club hosted Day of Pink where they wore and sold t-shirts to the student body and showed a slideshow at lunch of people hugging or being kind to each other. This is an international day to combat bullying, discrimination, homophobia, and transphobia. To further respect for all people, they hosted Unified Prom, which provided dancing, laughs, and fun for students with disabilities and their friends and family.

Along with doing events that directly affect Arlington High School, Service and Respect team have an ongoing project with the Marysville-Pilchuck Respect team fundraising money for a organization to build a school in Africa. Together they have raised 3,000 dollars and will do more fundraisers this year to get closer to their goal of 10,000 dollars.

Because of their work on projects in the community and world, Respect club was invited to attend We Day. This is an event that brings young people together to empower and motivate them to be agents of social change.

If these projects sound interesting to you and you want to be apart of something bigger  there are projects lining up and students changing lives. Meetings are held in Ms. Strickland’s room (C112) every Thursday after school and they always welcome new people!