Who is Max Gray?


Max Gray

Known as Mr. or Coach Gray to many people, Max Gray has been considered as one of the greatest football players we have ever had at Arlington. The question is what proves this point. “Football was everything to me in high school” Gray said “I was very addicted to football, always thought about it, always trained for it and emotionally was important to me.” 

Gray started football his junior year, and ever since has found a love for the game. “I was very dedicated, trained and just worked hard every day and this allowed me to feel like I was doing something right in my life.”

In his senior year, Gray won All-Wesco Defensive Back, and was leader in yards out of all the receivers. But one issue that arose was how to handle selecting a school to go to next, “I wasn’t able to get a lot of college offers because most schools find kids here Junior year, and I didn’t play my Junior year due to my fractured back” said Gray “Then I came around, started playing good, and offers started coming in a little late”

Gray said. He would see guys all around him committing and such while he wasn’t really getting anything. “Then I had got my offers sort of late, and then went on a visit to Chadron State in Nebraska” 

Gray said. He ended up committing to  Chadron State which left a lot of stress off shoulders. Then, in 2015 as a redshirt freshman, he gathered up 40 receptions, 392 receiving yards, and started the final three games making a total of 9 appearances in all. After Chadron, Gray went to Rocky Mountain College where in 2018 he had 72 receptions, over 1,000 yards and 16 touchdowns. As much as football has been his life for a very long time, that was not his only hobby,

“I grew up racing cars, and racing in quads” said Gray,”I was racing out of Evergreen, so I always wanted to race” But even the greats have their own inspirations,

“Once I started playing football, I fell in love and that’s when I started watching the NFL and I remember seeing guys like Chad Johnson and Randy Moss, and I just wanted to be like those guys” Gray said.

Currently, Gray plays in a European Football League for the Calanda Broncos, which with Gray have won 2 Swiss bowls, and is ranked 1st at his position which is safety.