Shutout To End the Regular Season


Dylan Durfee

Jake Willis (4) catches his 2nd touchdown pass of the game to extend the eagles lead 21-0

The AHS Varsity football team faced off against Inglemoor High School on a misty wet October 21st. With the Eagles losing a couple of their starters, like Nolan Welch (11) and Layton Martin (10), they didn’t let that hold them back. With a touchdown on the second drive scored by the QB Jacoby Falor (11), and after a long possession for the Inglemoor Vikings, Arlington got the ball back and had a rough couple of plays that caused them to punt the ball back to Inglemoor.

“They’ve played a couple aggressive teams and we can’t underestimate there strengths” said running back and linebacker Jeremy Flemming (11). “There offense is just like any other offense we’ve played, Wing-t.” The Arlington defense showed their hard work and determination as they stripped the ball, got it back, then on offense, Falor passed the ball to his main man Jake Willis (10) for a 30-yard diving touchdown catch at the half making the score 14-0.

“I feel like if we put the work in during the game and work hard, It’ll be a good game for us” said kicker and wide receiver Aidan Rainey (11). The Eagles started off with the ball, and everything fell apart on the Inglemoor defense. A fumble recovery and passing touchdown to Willis put the Eagles at 21-0, and another passing touchdown to Willis had Arlington with all the momentum. A defensive stop and decent punt return, the Eagles then decided to have some fun and put their back up running back in number 25 Riley Taylor (12) to then score a rushing touchdown. The score being 35-0, Inglemoor had lost all hope, and number 37 Kobi Spady (11) had an interception which put the Eagles back on offense and had the back up QB in and many others including freshmen prodigy Eli Rae (9) at saftey on defense as the time expired and the final score being 35-0 putting the Eagles in the playoff picture.

“We are going to go out and play our hardest” said Flemming, “If we do that our team has the best chance to win.”