Heartbreaking End to Streak


D. Durfee

Jacoby Falor (#5) catches 35 yard touchdown over Devyn Smith (#3) to extend their early lead.

On September 24, Arlington Eagles went head-to-head with their long time rivals, Ferndale in what seemed to be one of the most hyped up games this season. “It’ll be a dog fight” said Avery Lindsay, varsity linebacker. “They’re a good team, but if we come out and play perfect, we will have a good chance” Lindsay said.

At the start of the game, Leyton Martin (10) started at QB rather than Jacoby Falor, who has been starting all year. But Falor was no stranger to playing wide receiver as he wrapped up around 75 yards receiving, 2 touchdowns and plenty of tackles. Martin also seemed to be having his fair share of yards, rushing and passing, and throwing 3 touchdowns. Yet Ferndale did not let that get to them as the had 2 touchdowns of their own during the first half, and after a 30 yard field goal kick the score was 12-17, Arlington lead. 

“Some people on our team get in their own heads, which seem to effect how they play” said varsity receiver Walker McKinney, “But I do feel like we’ll come out on top.”

After the halftime performance, Arlington hit the ground running as #24 Aiden Meis intercepted Ferndale quarterback Bishop Ootsey. Then, Martin threw 2 huge gains to Falor and Kaid Hunter, which lead to Jake Willis catching a 30 yard touchdown to put them in the lead, 24-12.

Then things started to get a little chippy. “I feel as if they’re overrated. They have 2 D1 prospects which aren’t that good” said defensive lineman Parkey Kinney (11). “But he is a D1 prospect, which we should keep an eye out for” Kinney said.

Ferndale center Landen Hatchett helped block their way to not one, but 2 touchdown drives after Arlington had to punt the ball twice, which gave them plenty of chances to score. After that, Arlington put it all out on the field as they tried their best to score.

Tears and frustration were shown as Ferndale came out on top in a tough battle, 27-24. “They’re a really big, good team” said Dallas Miller, junior wide receiver. “They have a really good fast running back.”