Meet Berg!


S. Ronning

This is the front view of Berg, the Neobot’s robot. The Neobot’s have a huge logo so that everyone at Girl’s Competition knows whose robot it is!

Isabel Dean, Writer

This year, the Neobot’s, Arlington High School’s robotics team, had their Girl’s Competition on October 12, 2019. This years Girl Competition was held at Tahoma High School, near Kent, WA. ,which was held this past Saturday.  Girls from Neobot’s have been working hard to build, program, and prepare their robot for the Girl’s Comp. 


 Girls’ Competition is a tournament where girls from all over come and show their skills and robots. This is very important because it gives young women opportunities to step into the robotic and technology field, since those two fields are mainly dominated by males.


Their robot for this year is named after Mr. Berg, who was the previous advisor for the robotics club. Berg is a robot that is programmed to be able to pick up objects and move them across the room. The robot has been mainly programmed by this year’s freshmen, and Neobot’s Club President, Jacob Stickles (12), says is “very impressed by how quickly the freshmen have been able to work and learn quickly”. 


Soren Ronning (12), a boy who is in charge of Neobot’s Girl’s Comp. team, says it has been “easier to fix Berg’s problems since there is a lot of help”. Having everyone work together creates many friendships within the club, and also makes it a fun environment to be in. If nothing is going on, many club members will come to the meeting to hang out with friends and do their homework.


Both boys and girls within the team have been perfecting Berg for the upcoming event. However, only Brenna Henry (12), Darby Kikuchi (12), Sarah Cravy (12), Krystal Howatson (11), Meghan Lindhorst (11), Ali Rodriguez, Katie Glasco, Liam Kikuchi (12), Soren, Jacob, and Andrew Tsoukalas (10) went to Girls’ Comp. Brenna says that “Girls’ Comp. is very exciting and fun” this is because the competition focuses on the girls and allows them to have the spotlight for once as well as bond with each other.