Sophomore Heavy Football


Gage Price (10) celebrates with his teammates after scoring a touchdown during the Squalicum game.

Alexia Price, Staff Reporter/Photographer

High school football seems to be the biggest thing about high school as long as anyone can remember. From movies to songs, Friday night football is where it’s at. Typically, the main focus on the team is seniors. The last year playing for high school and wondering if it will take them somewhere. This year for Arlington’s football team, however, we’re looking at a different bunch. 

Many sophomores are starting on varsity this year. Coming straight from the freshman team, these players are climbing the ranks. 

“There’s a lot of excitement because of the young guys. It can be very exciting but we do make a lot of young mistakes. That’s the good and the bad, but they are a very talented group” Coach Dailer said. 

As can be expected, it’s a lot of pressure being the young one playing with the big dogs. However, these sophomores aren’t scared, they’re more excited about how this will affect their future.  

“It’s good,” Trent Nobach, a sophomore, said. “We’ve created a lot of chemistry early on, that way, in later years, we’ll be more connected and eventually get deep into the playoffs.” 

Most of these boys have been playing together for a long time, all the way from sixth grade AYFA, and for most of them to be moving up at the same rate will allow them to continue to grow as a team. 

“The younger guys will gain experience for varsity later on,” another starting sophomore, Gage Price, said. 

These sophomores are getting more experience of what varsity is like now that way they can use those skills to dominate even more later on. This group of talented young men have bright futures ahead, which is going to be very beneficial for our eagles football team in the next few years to come. 

“The future is exciting, and we’re playing well now with all those sophomores” Dailer said. “We should just keep on getting better and better.”