Boys Basketball

Troy Roach, staff writer and photographer

As a brand, the Boys Basketball program here in Arlington is very well known. Coach Nick Brown has worked very hard to create his program and establish a credible name that commands respect. Through the 2018-2019 season, they adapted and played as well as they could against each and every team.

The season rankings ended with Arlington in the second place slot for the district. They suffered a loss to Marysville-Pilchuck which in Brown’s opinion was, “fair and square” he is just “frustrated that we couldn’t get it done”.

Overall, Brown said this was one of the best teams he has ever had play for him and he is very proud of them but now, he has to put his focus on his summer program.

One player who had a particularly unique season had a very positive outlook on everything being over. Senior Ayodele Aribibola fell victim to a particularly bad knee injury before his final season of basketball at AHS. Aribibola noted that, “It’s weird coming out and not being able to do the things you used to be able to do”.

His season wasn’t exactly what he had always hoped for but he still stuck things out despite his injury. He kept playing and doing as much as he could to get back to 100 percent. His advice to someone in his situation was, “if it hurts, don’t keep playing, but always keep a good attitude”.

Aribibola feels that the last four years of basketball at AHS made him a better man. He learned lessons from the motto team motto, “Every Teammate Accountable” or ETA. He has bittersweet feelings about his final season coming to an end. He likes knowing that it’s all over but he is well aware of how much he will miss it.

A huge part of the basketball program here at AHS is the fine women who spend their time managing the basketball team. They keep the team ready to play and keep the small things that may seem insignificant out of the minds of the players and Brown so they can play the best game possible.

Senior Valentina Ramirez plays a big role in the program. When the season ended, she felt like it was fake. It didn’t hit her until she was on the bus, it was unbelievable to her. She explained that her job is important because she and her fellow managers take care of the technical and behind the scenes things so the program can keep moving forward.

Over the course of the season, the managers can get very attached and close to the players, not to mention Coach Brown. They get so emotionally involved that it has an effect when the team loses. She said that they get frustrated when they know the boys can play better and they lose.

The team was very successful even if they didn’t live up to their aspirations. Now it is time to set goals for the next year’s team and this summer’s program in order to ensure the same success next year, if not more!