The Hate You Give Review

The Hate You Give Review

Imani Jackson, Photo Editor

The Hate You Give by Angie Thomas was published in 2017 and is now gaining more attention now that a 2018 movie version has been made. The book and movie both delve deep into the controversial topics seen in what we know as the “hood”. In this setting, the “hood” is a place called Garden Heights.

While the movie is just as moving as the original book, there are some minor differences as well as many similarities. The movie follows the basic storyline of the book but changes a few details. For example, Starr’s older brother Seven is graduated and works at Best Buy in the book, yet in the movie, he is a senior at Williamson High School, the predominantly white private school their parents switched them to.

In addition, the book portrays the main character, Starr, as a darker-skinned girl, yet in the movie, she is lighter-skinned girl. Some feel this takes away from the extreme contrast of whites and blacks as she is very light. However, the movie character stays true to the personality of Starr in the book. I think they could have found a darker skinned girl to play the part of Starr. Nonetheless, Amandla Stenberg, the actress who played Starr, did a great job in the role and should get credit for her interpretation of the book. Despite her lighter skin, she really conveyed the role the way it should be.

Though the actors could have been more accurate to make the book come to life, the overall tone and message remains the same.

Starr faces many different struggles and obstacles throughout the story plot. While fighting an internal battle of who she truly is, she faces the death of friends, loss of friends, gangs, police violence, and all of the things that come with being a black teenager in the ghetto.

The story told gives people an inside look of what many teens like Starr go through in their everyday life. Though not everything may apply directly, many can relate to some of the struggles faced in the movie and paper copy.

The movie, overall, was very moving and educational. However, I would strongly recommend reading the book alone or in addition to the movie for more details, events, and life-changing experiences. While the movie does a great job of covering the main events and important details, it is more filling to read the book for more background details and a deeper look at what Starr and others experience that can’t be captured on film.