Summer Livin’, Havin’ a Blast

“I’m going to Mexico, California, Las Vegas, and Lake Chelan with my family, but most of it’s for sports,” said Cade Younger (’20), running out of breath on account of his lengthy list of Summer destinations. Younger is one of many students looking forward to the rejuvenating nature of Summer, whose 10 weeks promise warmth and freedom. While pupils sit in classrooms, sun streams through the large glass windows, illuminating the impending liberation approaching quickly, just over a month away.

Yet, for some, the Summer serves as merely an extension of the rigor of the school year. Some  exploit the opportunity to accrue wealth, be it for college, concert tickets, or simply savings. Kayla Maybit (’17) explained unexcitedly, “I gotta work still at Banana Republic to pay for college.” Meanwhile, others, like Jeffrey Andrews (’19), use the exorbitant reservoir of free time to improve college endeavors, studying for SATs or other challenges that may present themselves next year.

Carson Hathaway (’17) plans on utilizing his new freedom after graduation to hang out and enjoy the brief interlude between high school and the real world. “I’m goin’ camping,” he said. Other than that, the Summer stretches out, fruitfully undetermined. Others, especially seniors with licenses, have extravagant, cross-country plans. Seniors Brandon Hahn and Alexa Andrews will be hitting the dusty, open road this Summer. In an effort to retrieve a new Australian Shepherd pup, they’ll be taking advantage of a rare possibility to drive all the way to beautiful, luscious Utah. Brandon shook his head and smiled. “You know, Nicky . . .” he began, “I’m going to go get a puppy.”

All of us have our own puppies out there, waiting to be picked up. Some aren’t nearly as far as Utah, others are even farther. Some are vastly lucrative. Hopefully, regardless of what may lie ahead, we must remember to finish the year strong and stay safe.