Knife Carrying Teenager Shot by Law Enforcement


Payton Knudson

Protestors are seen next to City Hall in response to Tuesday’s Shooting. The motive of the protestors is unknown at this time.

Arlington WA- Early Tuesday morning, on Valentine’s Day, gun shots rung through Downtown Arlington.

The gun shots, which were fired by two unnamed police officers, were in response to a 17- year- old female who was in possession of a knife. The officers reportedly shot the girl to ensure both the safety of herself and of others who were near the scene of the incident.

The incident itself took place in a gravel parking lot that is situated on the 500 Block of North Olympic Avenue. Officers were called to the scene early in the morning on reports of an argument between a man and a woman who were presumably a couple.

Officers closed off the section of North Olympic from Division Street to East 5th Avenue as they investigated the case. The area was then reopened around noon.

At this time, no information has been released on where exactly the young woman got shot. However, her injuries are serious enough for her to be in critical condition at Harborview Medical Center.

At around three in the afternoon, several individuals were spotted protesting the shooting next to City Hall on the corner of East 3rd Street and North Olympic Avenue. The Arlington Police Department is unaware of what the exact motive was for the protestors at this time.