Donate to Save a Life: Blood Drive Headed to Arlington High School


Arlington High School will be hosting a blood drive on Tuesday February 16th, which will last all day. Leadership students will be working directly with the blood drive coordinators, to ensure that the process is smooth and efficient.

“While it won’t affect your health at all, donating can greatly impact someone else’s life for the better,” said leadership student Emily Mann (’17), who’s extremely excited for the upcoming blood drive. While most students view this as happenstance, Mann is directly involved, and is taking a true interest in the event.

“We help with signing up, and we also volunteer for a period or two on the day of the blood drive to help with any paperwork,” said Mann.

With many other leadership students assisting, lots of friendly faces be present at the drive, making the process even easier.

When asked if he would be participating in the drive, junior Brandon Hahn not only confirmed his plans to donate, but encouraged other students to do the same.

“My mom is a big time blood donor, and I’m excited that I’m finally old enough to donate,” said Hahn. “It’s a free, good deed that doesn’t hurt and can save lives.”

With the event occurring at the beginning of next week, everyone involved is hoping for a large number students to come out and donate.

Students sixteen and older can sign up in the main office to donate blood. But do so quickly, as time is running out to give back to the community in a crucial way.

“My hope is that people take the initiative” said Mann.