Ecology Club Profile


JJ Haldeman

The Ecology Club’s main drop off station, where anything from recyclable water bottles to retired ink cartridges, where they can be properly disposed of.

Arlington High School is incredibly diverse, with clubs and sports ranging anywhere from Spanish Club to soccer.  One club that has had a recent surge in popularity is the Ecology Club.

With Ms. Iversen at the helm, the Ecology club is making a big dent on AHS’s waste, as well as bringing a positive energy to the school that can only happen through genuine interest in the subject.

However, the Ecology club is does more than just recycle. They are making a big change that affects not just our own high school, but the entire community.

“The Ecology Club works to promote environmental stewardship and sustainable living at Arlington High School and in our community,” said Ms. Iverson, the clubs’d advisor. “Club members learn how to up cycle products, such as old biology projects and newspaper, and make handmade paper out of them. We have also teamed up with TerraCycle to recycle items and we donate that money to Seattle Children’s Hospital”.

One of the main things that the club is working to accomplish this year is a refillable water bottle station. Club president and senior Kali Allen is one of the biggest supporters of this project, and is working to hopefully get the funds and complete the project later this year.

“We are looking forward to selling more stationary, and hopefully receiving more funds later this year,” said Allen.

The fountains we have now are used by nearly every student in our school, and according to Allen, “It [will be] nice to have this alternative to drinking out of the normal fountain because personally, it’s kind of disgusting.”

Through innovative projects such as these, the Ecology club shows their dedication to preserving the environment and, in the process, creating a more friendly setting at our high school.

With so many things to be done this year, the Ecology club is constantly looking for new members, and may surprise you with some of the activities that they take a part in.

“We have a lot of seniors, and we would like some more underclassmen in the club,” said senior member Olivia Hayward.  She also wanted people to know how interactive and fun the club is, andwent on to say, “We do a lot of fun things together, sometimes we go to Seattle and eventually we are going to plan some more hiking trips.”

One other interesting part of the club is that every member receives an official title, so all new members have an important role.

Ethan Navarre-Cantrelle, the club PR officer, is enthusiastic about recruiting new members and thinks this is a great way to get to know some more people.

“We offer lots of field trips, we have gone on three this year, mainly to do research,” said Navarre. “But we have also attended some summits on climate change, but as a club itself we also do a lot of fun outdoor things.”