American Horror Story: Hotel Review

AHS: Hotel

On October 8th, almost six million viewers tuned into FX to watch the much anticipated season five
premier of American Horror Story: Hotel.

With Lady Gaga’s first appearance on a television show, her ability to interweave her character, The Countess, along with the true personality of herself, proved to be far better than expected.

This season starts out with an FBI Investigator following a string of murders that lead him to the retro Cortez Hotel. Here, we meet some of the cast that we will be spending the next few months with.

At first glance the hotel seems to be a nice reserved place to stay for the night. However, as events unfold and the darkness creeps closer, there are entities that prove to prevent many guests from ever checking out.

Unlike most television shows,  American Horror Story is not a continuous plot line throughout the series. Each season is a completely   new story line with new characters. The only thing that seems to stay constant are the actors, which may prove to be why this show, now in its fifth year, is so popular. Viewers want excitement, and creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk give them just that by making each season exceptionally different than the one before.

However, there is something crucial missing this season: The ever-so-loved Jessica Lange, the main character of almost every other season. It is still to be determined how well season 6 will do without her, although Lady Gaga is hypothesized to take on the role of Queen Bee with no problems.

If you enjoy shows like The Walking Dead, Once Upon a Time, The Following, or Bates Motel, I strongly recommend this show. So far, American Horror Story: Hotel seems to have grabbed hold of its viewer’s attention…and it’s not letting go anytime soon.