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What do AHS students think about Valentine’s Day?

C. Rohde
Couple Arissa Matthews (’27) and Rio Moore (’27) hanging out together during a photoshoot at the Winter Ball. They celebrated Valentine’s Day together this year, too

Valentine’s Day. Do you dread it? Look forward to it? Do you have a Valentine? Do you wish you did? What about those around you? Valentine’s Day can be difficult for a lot of people, while for others it can be a fun day full of candy and hugs. How do your fellow students feel about this holiday? Let’s find out.

“Honestly, I think you should be lovey more often than just one day because I think if you actually care, it should be more often than just a single day,” Scott Rutherford (‘27) said, adding that he also feels like “it’s tough to look around and see everyone else that’s happy.”
That’s not the only reason why he doesn’t love the holiday. He also says he thinks “it’s just a marketing scam to get you to spend more money.” 

Regardless of his feelings, he says “I think you should be able to enjoy the day, either with friends or yourself and not have to worry about having a loved one.”

“I like the vibes to Valentine’s Day,” Kyle Abbie-Zanni (‘24) says, adding that it’s “just kind of a day to be happy and have fun.” 

On the opposite end, “I don’t like the stigmatism that it has to be with your significant other, I think it can just be with the people you love,” she says.

On Valentine’s Day, she says that she likes to “go watch a movie, go out to dinner, or go to a game night,” and recommends that to anyone without a Valentine this year 

Also, she sends out a warning to all those who do have a significant other this Valentine’s Day: “Just because you have a significant other, doesn’t mean they’re your valentine, you still have to ask, they’re two different things,” she laughs.

Leah Bergstrom (‘27) recommends to all those who don’t have a Valentine this year to “hang out with your friends, or do something with your mom. It’s a day of love, not just romantic, but for everybody.”

She argues that “There’s other types of love, you can love your friends and hang out with them on Valentine’s Day,” adding that “Valentine’s Day is a day for everybody, not just couples.”

The key takeaway is that regardless of whether you have a Valentine, these students think Valentine’s Day should be fun for everyone. Even though it can be a tough holiday, it’s important to not let yourself get weighed down or wrapped up in worries and to simply let yourself have a good time. So, what are you going to do this Valentine’s Day?

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