Martha Stewart Meal Kit


Ms. Bravo demonstrates the baking project her first period culinary class is working on at the end of the semester.

Teens begin to get freedom in the food they can eat, because of the money they earn and the way they spend it. Except, they don’t use it in a healthy way, and instead the majority spend it on fast food and things that don’t provide good nutrition to growing teens. “Among students in an [experiment], 45.7% reported often cooking, 40.3% reported sometimes cooking,  and 14% reported never cooking”(United States Department of Agriculture).


The Martha Stewart meal kit is a healthy meal kit that can be adjusted to your likings. You can check off a box on your order to let them know if you’re vegetarian. Martha Stewart provides many different options and instructions for each recipe that will guide you step-by-step through the meal. Nerdwallet, a finance company,  claims that “Meal kits…reduce the time and energy needed to plan meals and shop for groceries, which can hold you back from getting creative in the kitchen.”


Coming from Freshman at AHS, Ty Reese, a boy who loves food and is too lazy to make it, the Martha Stewart Meal kit is like “free cooked meals in a box. McDonalds is really good, but obviously not healthy and not cost efficient.”


On the other hand, Ms. Bravomejia, a culinary and baking teacher, claims that “meal kits lead to laziness, and won’t ever help you learn. Plus, shipping is expensive, so the kit and the shipping together is more than getting groceries.”


In conclusion, Martha Stewart Meal kit has debate on whether or not it’s worth it. It has healthy and delicious recipe options, and is available in most states with a good amount of variety. But, it also requires quite a bit of cooking time, and comes with very few pre-prepared ingredients, which can help teach people the basic starting fundamentals of cooking. With an attractive 4.2 rating, the Martha Stewart Meal kit is a good way to teach teens how to cook without having much experience. (