Shelfie Day at the Library


Jazmin Garcia Castillo

Ms. Muniz, High School Librarian, is posing next to her favorite shelf in the library with her favorite book. Ready to share on social media to give inspiration to other readers.

On the fourth Wednesday of January people from all around the world celebrate a day called Shelfie Day. Readers are invited to take a photo with their favorite library shelf that features the books that stick out to them on this day. People from all around the world participate by posting pictures of their favorite books or shelves on social media. And adding the hashtag “#ShelfieDay”. Ms.Muniz, our high school librarian, found this idea by browsing through the internet while searching for a way to connect more students to the library.

“I found out about this day while researching activities and events that are recognized and used by other libraries in our nation. Also there are a few social media groups that I follow that have great ideas and examples of what other libraries are doing and promoting that are super helpful in finding ideas about what to do in the library!” 

Libraries date back thousands of years. The first-ever public libraries appeared in the Roman Empire. In the Middle Ages, libraries loaned out books if paid a sizable security deposit. Through globalization, digitization, and other innovations, modern-day libraries were born. Library Shelfie Day was started by the New York Public Library in 2014. It enables us to conveniently browse through people’s library shelves through our screens.


“I hope to accomplish a connection with students about the value and importance of the High School library – as well as engage with them in the JOY of reading!” Ms. Muniz said. 

Libraries and books continue to be essential components of schools as sources of practical knowledge, despite the advent of more affordable alternatives like ebooks and audiobooks. Libraries have and will continue to adapt to the modern world, which undoubtedly includes technology, but they will also continue to offer a calm environment for independent study and actually serve as a center where people can congregate to learn or just to hang out. To encourage students to use the library more frequently and feel comfortable, she will continue to introduce new activities into the library throughout the school year.