Advisory Update


J Conant

Mr Ford, English teacher, is also an advisor for a freshman advisory group.

Why did Advisory start late? Why did kids get different teachers? Here is everything you need to know about the new Advisory.

With new kids coming in, Advisory was getting mixed up due to special needs kids or people who required certain teachers. “Kids were grouped up based on what that student required,” said Nicole Anderson, assistant principal.

Advisory is a class for helping students emotionally, and physically. It also is helpful for high school, college, and after. Some upper class-men have been assigned different teachers because of this, and all the sorting made Advisory start up later.

Advisory is a class that can help kids feel safe and understood at Arlington High School. It can also help kids be taught safe habits and emotional solutions. In advisory, we will check in with each other and see how everyone is doing. “This year, advisory is more on emotional and mental learning and control,” says Nicole Anderson, assistant principal in charge of advisory this year.

We will learn how to control emotions, and feel emotion. Such as empathy, sympathy, and keeping anger or sadness inside instead of expressing it violently towards people. Students think it is a waste of time, besides making the school day shorter, but it actually helps a lot of students who aren’t as skilled at controlling themselves.

This year is different from the last because students such as sophomores, juniors, and seniors, were distributed to different teachers than last year. This is due to the fact that special needs, or kids with disabilities need certain teachers that were already fully occupied. So to solve that, kids were mixed around and more teachers were brought into the advisory category. Most students didn’t like this because they had really cool teachers that shared an association. The teachers remain cool, of course, but just cool with other kids.