A Sweetheart of a Deal


Brennan Gabrielson

The perfect Valentines Day date on a budget.

Brennan Gabrielson, Staff Reporter

Valentines Day, to some it is just a reminder on how single they are, others it’s a chance to show their lover how much they appreciate and care for them, and how do some show that love? Well with a pizza date night from Papa Murphy’s. The return of the infamous HeartBreaker pizza is used as a spark from February 7-14th in hopes to bring in more customers not only on Valentines day but the days leading up to it. 


Adam Star, an employee at Smokey Point Papa Murphys was asked if he believes the HeartBreaker pizza is good for the company and its sales. ‘’Of course I do, a lot of people like traditions and themes and this is one of ours for Valentine’s day. It helps set a culture around the company and allows people to be a little more festive and save some money on a pizza at the same time.’’ 


The workload for holidays and big events call for much more employees at the store. Which means the workload is going up, but not only is that going up but because of the holliday and HeartBreaker the sales rise and go up a lot as well as the tips. Holidays may get super busy and super stressful for stores but it leads to good profit for the company which goes towards paychecks so you get back what you put in. 


Brady Chadwick, an employee at Arlington Papa Murphys said, ‘’Although most of us employees have to work longer and harder shifts than normal it still leads to a good paycheck in the end, and for a lot of us that’s all we’re working for. So it works out in the end.’’ When asked his opinion on long and heavy hours for holidays and big events.


Not only does the HeartBreaker make for a good meal it is sometimes the best thing someone has to offer because they can’t afford to take their spouse out to a nice fancy restaurant. This is a great alternative to that, not nearly as special or fancy but with the right person it will be just as if not more then enough. 


Blake Morrison, a shift leader at Smokey Point Papa Murphy was asked how it feels to have people choose Papa Murphys for Valentines day. ‘’I’m glad we can help those people out who can’t afford a fancy date. Our pizzas are extremely cheap by any means but it’s a lot more cheap then a $100 check at your nearest Lobster house. We do our best to make all of our customers happy and satisfied with their visit so we do anything we can to help.’’


Papa Murphy’s is by no means anyones ideal choice for their date night but it can get the job done. Don’t think too hard about it, if you’re running out of time and need a life line just come on down to Papa Murphy’s and get a HeartBreaker pizza so your heart isn’t broken.