Winter Sports Outside of School


Madison Moore, Staff Reporter

December is the start of winter sports, and two popular sports are skiing and snowboarding. Students may find these activities as a good opportunity to spend time with family or friends, and experience the thrill of competing against other people; allowing students to keep active while it’s winter.

When it comes to skiing there are many different types. The most common type of skiing is alpine skiing, also known as downhill skiing. This method of skiing is what many people start off learning, and is most commonly found to be executed at slopes that many people ski or snowboard on. 

Heidi Chappel, a teacher at Arlington High School said, “being active and doing a sport that requires a skill that you are always working on to improve, meeting cool people while engaging in a fun sport–these are just some of the positives!

Snowboarding could be described as a close cousin to skiing, but the most common difference would be in the style of shoe used. Snowboarding shoes have commonly been said to be a “more comfortable shoe”, but this is because both feet are on the board, and there is a smaller risk of people breaking their ankles. Since snowboarders have one board it keeps them from hurting their ankles and knees like skiing might.

An anonymous source said, “I prefer snowboarding over skiing because the ski’s tend to ruff up my knees, but the people skiing look like they’re having a blast.”

Chappel used to help coordinate a ski/snowboard bus. Mt. Baker was where she would navigate the bus, and saw a variety of snowboarders and skiers.

 When asked about snowboarders and skiers, Chappel said “I only ski but over half the people in the club were snowboarders so I got to know the snowboarders pretty well. It’s a cool mountain culture up at Baker and the people are friendly, outdoorsy types who are welcoming and fun.

Winter Sports are a good opportunity to find something students love in the winter time. It is also a great way to exercise when the ground is covered in snow. Not only are these a sport students can be competitive in, but students can also go with their friends or family.