Requesting Classes for 2021-22

Mia Guertin, Staff Reporter

It’s that time Arlington High School students register for next year’s classes and plan out the rest of your 4-year plan. 

School Director Brian Long explained My school data and the process for registering for classes. 

Long said, “For the student standpoint, click onto my schools log into the high school and beyond and go to the four year template.” 

He continues to explain that this will lead to choosing your classes, and encourages students to not just fill out the next year but plan for four years. Only the classes that were picked for next year will be registered and the other years are to just give you a plan and prepare you.  

“We want at least next year’s classes sorted out by February 26.” said Long.  

If you still have questions about registering for classes or aren’t quite sure what classes are best for you there are many ways to get assistance. 

Head counselor Shanna Crookes said, “Students can ask their Friday advisor for assistance they’re also able to contact a school counselor and we can meet over email or over phone. So the two people I would recommend are the advisor and counselor and it’s important to talk to parents as well. They have an interesting perspective and having parents involved in the process is good.” 

There are also two main online resources that can help students with registering for next year’s classes if they need help. 

“I created 30-40 videos to walk through the high school and beyond plan. It’s linked on any school website and it’s there for students to use…. They are exceptionally helpful.” said Long

Another online tool is the Ahs course guide, that is where you will find pretty much all of the classes and can learn a little bit about them. This would definitely be helpful to look at when filling out next year’s classes. 

Crookes said, “I would encourage students to check out Arlington’s course guide available on the ahs website. We worked hard and did a good job on creating the course guide with video explanation. If anybody is unsure of a class it’s a great place to look at many questions students have about a class and can be found and answered in the course guide.” 

So why is planning out classes and our four year plan so important?

Brian Long said, “Students the more planned become more intentional to learn to be successful when it comes to planning  to work, getting into an internship, or even a four year college, the better the outcome…” 

Crookes said, “We want students to be purposeful; it will help them meet their goals or prepare them for career goals in the future.”