High School as a Freshman During a Global Pandemic


A Hayman

The stairs heading up to the Counseling Center and the B wing.

Being a freshman is all new territory, new teachers, kids from different middle schools in the district, bigger campus, lots of new things to worry about. When I thought of moving up to high school it has always worried me. I’ve always heard that once the first full week is done you’ll be walking around like you’ve been going there your whole life. Things become routine. 

I however have different situations from other freshman, I went to middle school and most of elementary school in Marysville. I don’t know anybody at Arlington and so it’s all new, everyone is new. I haven’t even been inside the school, well besides for picture day. Before quarantine I was worried about making new friends and going from a small private school to this huge public school. 

When quarantine started I was really relieved because then I wouldn’t have to be social, I am very introverted so I don’t like socializing. But I still had/have to be social on zoom, showing my face every once in a while and talking to people for projects.

 For a while when everyone thought the whole school year was going to be online I thought it was great because then I wouldn’t have to worry about going to school. Now with things changing and people deciding how to social distance and be in person school that fear has come up again, the dread of something new where I won’t have anyone to go through it with. 

I think my biggest fear is not being able to make friends and not having anyone to eat lunch with, although I know those are normal high school students fears, they are still real and very much there. With being antisocial I myself think it will be hard to make friends, but I am very bubbly and get along with most people, and my family knows that and always reassures me that I’ll be fine. Sometimes I think it’s not the fear of not being able to make friends but the fear of new people that scares me with going to a new school. 

Personally I am doing a lot better with online school, I went from a C student to an A student. I know many other people struggle a lot more being online school but some are also thriving. My mental health has been a lot better and I have been able to strengthen the connections with people that I know are gonna last. Granted I would rather be able to hang out with my friends and go places, but staying home is fine too. 

So to sum up what I just said, when (and if) we go back part time, some kids should have options, and I don’t mean everyone, I mean the kids who actually get work done and have good grades/ and or don’t need help with anything. Going to school is scary for someone who doesn’t know anyone and has never even been inside the school. You don’t need friends or school to thrive and be happy with where you’re at in life mentally.