The Spin on a Spring Production


Attention Eagles, AHS Drama put in the work for a new production. They recorded their version The War of the Worlds, and it will be coming to us as a drive in movie starting this weekend. They filmed the whole thing, since live performances are not an option due to COVID.

Through an arrangement with Playscripts, Inc., the production (filmed with COVID protocols in place) will be shown in the AHS Student parking lot as a Drive-In Movie
March 5,6,12 and 13 at 7:00pm. Tickets are on sale now!  With limited parking available make plans now, and we will see you at the Drive In!!!!

Senior, Dylan Ling said, “The War of the Worlds actually started off as a radio show in the 1930’s” so AHS is adapting it to film. The War of the Worlds, in summary, is about the story of a martian invasion of Earth. Ling said, “Since it’s being filmed rather than being performed on stage, we are able to add in things like close-ups, video editing, and other camera work.”

Ling said that auditions were performed over zoom and they have been practicing by studying their characters . As for safety, Mr. Moberly said, “Our COVID protocols will mean that we can only have a few students on stage at a time.  Additionally, students will wear masks, be distanced 6 feet apart and will be limited to only 4 on stage at a time.”

Senior Sierra Schmitz is the stage manager for the show this spring. Schmitz said, “The preparation timeline for this show has been significantly faster than previous shows.” Most shows would have rehearsals for two to three months, and then multiple performances. However, this show will be rehearsed and filmed in under two months. Schmitz also said that Mr. Moberly has built the stage on his own and that “Several people have assisted with props, hair designs, costuming and other odd jobs from home.”

Junior Will Litton said, “It [was] filmed and edited by Tomas Ramirez, who graduated in 2019.”