Clubs Online and How They Operate

Sierra McDonald, Squadron Deputy Commander of AFJROTC, is preparing to record her part of the middle school recruiting video.

Benny Salazar Zarate, Staff Reporter

Clubs are an essential part of AHS because of how they represent our diversity. Two well-known clubs are Drama and AFJROTC, and like every other club, they are going through major difficulties and challenges this year.

Emily Colombo, a junior and the secretary of the Drama club, mentioned how hard it was to connect with other members in the club and not only online, but also socially. They meet up every Friday at 10:30 a.m. right after advisory. When they’re in class, announcements are mentioned first by Mr. Moberly (the Drama club teacher) and then by the club president Adri Romano.
After the announcements, they play improv games (which are definitely not 6 feet apart), but it’s not the same experience when in person. So far, the club is focusing on giving to the community, specifically the food bank, and on the fall play called “The War of the Worlds”, which will be broadcasted around late February, making up for the spring play, “Once Upon a Mattress”, in which they weren’t able to perform in all five nights.
“I don’t think people understand how much teamwork drama takes. All they see is the ones that sing and dance on stage, but behind the scenes, well over one hundred people put their time and effort into making something special. The same thing goes into the club itself. We are constantly relying on each other to make the club as amazing as it can be”, said Emily. Although every club has struggled a lot this year, the Drama Club has done their best to “go on with the show” and they have become stronger than ever.

When I think of leadership, discipline, and friendliness; I think of AFJROTC. They love serving the community and consider themselves like a family (like almost every club does). So far, the club meets up on Zoom every day like normal classes. Mondays and Wednesdays are for 3rd, 5th, and 7th period (Bravo, Delta, and Foxtrot); Tuesdays and Thursdays are for 2nd, 4th, and 6th period (Alpha, Charlie, and Echo); and every Thursday after school is when staff meets up at 2:30.
Unfortunately, this year they have a shorter group, but they’re trying to connect with the new cadets as much as possible. Before distance learning, they used to go to competitions almost all over Washington, but that and many of the other fun activities have also been canceled. Right now, they’re making a recruiting video for the middle school and every one of them is looking forward to it.
“People see the uniforms and think that’s all we are and dismiss our class, when in reality we get to do some amazing things so recruiting is always a big deal for us. Especially since we have been so close to closing for several years because of our low numbers”, said Maddie Cahoon, a senior and the Squadron Commander.

Everyone here at AHS has been through a rough time this year, and the clubs have had it harder. The Drama club and AFJROTC are two of the many clubs that have struggled to survive all of the obstacles that 2020 has placed for humanity.


When we return to school in hybrid form on March 22, the clubs will be able to meet in person following Covid protocols. It won’t be exactly the same, but it will be something!