Getting into College during a Pandemic


Michelle Sjolund

Annika Sjolund has committed to Grand Canyon University in Arizona. She visited campus in November.

COVID-19 and quarantine life can lead to some difficult setbacks for our AHS students. Getting into college and graduating (without online school ) is stressful enough! Add on the changes that colleges are making and the drag of staying home, we can agree that things are tough and confusing right now.

Here is what some of our AHS students are doing to further their education and find the best colleges for them during this pandemic. Senior Annika Sjolund has “been doing interviews over zoom” and making sure to call admissions counselors to get information about the schools and to make sure everything runs smoothly. She was also able to do an in person campus visit to Grand Canyon University, her ultimate college choice. 

Although some Universities are shut down due to COVID-19 restrictions, others remain open to private campus tours. Make sure to check the schools website to see if this is available, or you could take the path of Junior, Tayler Delcoure. Delcoure has been doing virtual tours, which can be found on some college websites. This is a great alternative to stay safe and to find out if the school fits your needs/wants.

Junior Lexi Eck has been reaching out to coaches through email since she can’t show off her skills right now as a softball player. She said “ I really have to send a lot of emails to try and get in contact with coaches because I can’t get exposure at tournaments since they aren’t allowed to watch.”

As for seniors worrying about SAT and ACT scores, Arlington High School counselor Lisa Sullivan said,No SAT or ACT scores are required now for college applicants to all public universities in the state of Washington. Some universities –such as WSU– are even “SAT blind,” meaning they will not even look at scores if they’re submitted.”

Mrs. Sullivan has also given some advice for those looking to get into colleges, “Now is the time to open up options for next fall. Apply to any and all colleges you are considering –and make road trips to visit campuses to find the right fit. Also, include your parents in this big decision of where to attend college. This is likely the last big decision that you and your parents will be making together.

If you are stressed out about the process of getting into college or just need some help figuring things out, please do not hesitate to email your counselors for guidance, or even ask your classmates for help!