A Food Truck is in the Works


The Arlington Food Bank wants to be able to have an food truck to make delivers to houses all around the city of Arlington.


The food truck benefits the Food Bank by helping people in need of food that can’t leave their house such as people who are injured, elderly, or don’t have a car and more they hope it will help people in need and help so people are not embarrassed to be getting from the food bank.


The Food Bank has yet to purchase the food truck yet they had hoped to have it but now  but COVID really slowed things down the estimated food truck cost will be around $120,000. The Arlington High School ASB has committed to help raise the money for this community benefit.


If you are able, you can donate using this link . Choose which graduating class you want your donation to be credited to . . . it’s a competition to see which class can raise the most money!!!


One of the biggest goals for the food truck is have enough money not to only purchase the truck but to design the exterior of the truck using this link you can see one of the Arlington food bank ideas for  the food truck.


The plan is that the food truck would have different sections for people to shop such as produce, dairy, meat and more after Covid 19 restrictions they hope to have people shopping on the food truck and picking things out, but for now they would have to get food handed to them.