Student Reflections on Last Semester



Student Audrey Curdy-Conlon(11) stays for lunch to study.

Kytin Banasihan, Writer/Photographer

“Get your homework turned in and do it.” said Kaitlyn Swanson (9). She wants to let her fellow classmates know that this is actually very important. She said, “You don’t want to stay up till like, 2 am doing English homework like a day before the semester ends. I turned it all in but still, it sucked.” Though homework may not be the best thing, it teaches self discipline and independence because students are actually taking the initiative to complete something even though it may not be of one’s liking. Homework also teaches time management skills.

From time to time, there will betimes when you need to study for a test. “Study for tests. Don’t wait till the last minute to do everything!” said Grace Metcalf (10). She goes on to explain that she waited for the last minute and had to study for finals at the same time. “I really regret that,” said Grace. Studying is not always easy. However, when someone has the chance to study it opens up the mind to work efficiently and to process things on your own.

Giovanni Acero (11) said, “Catch up sooner than later. I went to Mexico and missed a week of school and did all my homework for the week of finals. I procrastinated the week I came back.” He acknowledges the fact that it is important to catch up as soon as possible! Occasionally, we all procrastinate. But procrastinating for too long can make you less productive. When you tell yourself it’s not that important or avoid your tasks, you clearly accomplish less than you could have.

Chance Pearson (12) said, “Take classes that look good on college applications and scholarships.” Chance explains how this semester, he made sure to choose classes that would aid him and tried his best to maintain good grades. However, sometimes the class you picked might be an issue. “I took a class and I’m literally sailing and now, I’m dropping the class and it won’t help my transcript.” said Chance. Choosing the right classes in high school is really important because it shows a student’s capabilities as well as their interests, and pathway into the future. By choosing the right classes, you are setting a more clear path for your career and future self.

-Get your homework done and turned in

-Study for tests/ don’t wait for the last minute

-Catch up as soon as possible

-Taking classes that will assist you

In conclusion, there will be times when school we be difficult and overwhelming. But, if you just remember these tips, you are only enhancing your future!