Robotics Competition


what kind of work they do and what it looks like.

Robotics is a club that happens after school and what they get to do is design a robot that you can drive around, do tricks. get to name, travel to schools to show it off, compete and all sorts of other cool things!

A freshman Chloe Emmanoff said that “my friend got me to go to robotics club and I like it a lot and i’m starting to go more often. If I keep going I might go to comp, I will be excited to go to comp if I do go because I have never gone before”. Emmanoff says,“I like the friends I made, I like how confusing the program is. You make lots of friends, play around, eat snacks, and it’s fun to see how it comes along”.

This shows that you may not be interested in something but your friend or someone can get you to try something you never thought of liking. In robotics you can also meet new people and start new friendships! While also playing around with what you have been working on and getting really excited to see how everything comes along to the final product but then also things can be challenging/confusing while in the process of making the robot.

Emmanoff states that “I’ll go back next year to robotics club if I continue, I encourage people to go, everyone is friendly and supportive”.

When you start something new and you like what it is you have the ability to keep going with whatever it is that your doing. Also, if your looking to do something new or want to try something new you are encouraged to go to robotics club.

A senior Jacob Stickles said “I have been in robotics for three years and this is my fourth year now. What got me inspired was when they came to the elementary school and I got to drive the robot then it just sparked my interest and wanted me to do it”.

However, when you try something at such a young age it can influence you to want to do it when your older and when your old enough to do it you go and do it.

Stickles said “When I went to my very first competition it was overwhelming didn’t know what was going to be like but it was fun.” “It’s exciting to go it’s fun, you learn new things, work hard during it and learn new skills. the goal is to win and go to world’s but to really just have fun!”.

It shows how when you do something for your first time you don’t know what to expect but then in the end you get to learn so much more stuff that you may never have learned.

“What competition is like is there’s tons of teams from the region like 30+ teams all at one school…every match you can ally but then the next match they could be your enemy, it’s like a strategy game to find your abilities” stated Stickles.

This is what competition is like, many teams your competing against and how it works.

James Burns a sophomore says that “My first time going to one was freshman year and I was excited about it because I have heard stories about it and I was just ready to experience it myself an see how friendly everyone is.” “I was a little nervous since it was my first but also with the last comp I went  to I felt good because we work hard on our robots, tried our best, and just focus on having fun.” 

Even though you can be nervous about things it’s good how something can make you feel good in the end because you look back on what you did and how everything went an you can realize that it wasn’t actually that bad and really think of key points that made it good.

“It’s energetic and a lot of fun, we like to have fun like have dance breaks between matches here and there and every team is friendly help each other if someone asks for help.” said Burns.

Though Robotics may seem boring from the outside, maybe now you can realize the fun in it. Not just that but to know it’s a friendly supportive group of people to make you feel welcome.

However Burns claimed that “As for our next comp i’m excited for it because we are trying something new that we have never done in Neobots that I know of”. “My favorite thing is just to cheer, have fun, and see so many people come together like family”.

Which shows how you get to try and do new things that haven’t happened before! And also having a favorite part about comp gives you more excitement to look forward to.