The Classes You wish You Had


Enija Reed

The course description for the 2019-2020 school year opening page.

Enija Reed, Writer

Every year and every semester, we get handed a piece of paper for registration. There are an extensive amount of classes on the list, many of which come across as boring. When looking over the list of classes, trying to figure out what they would like to take the following year, there are things that students wished that they saw on those lists, realistic and not. 

General elective choices:

  • Economics/Financial management – teaching students what they need to know for their future after high school
  • Film studies – a variation in the art aspect of AHS. Similar to photo foundations 
  • Sports history- directed towards students who show interest in sports and it’s origin. 

Fitness classes:

  • Yoga –  Many people spoken to have said yoga, because they think that it would be a great replacement for a fitness class, and that people would enjoy it. It’s also seen at several schools around the US.
  • A dance team – there are many talented dancers who attend AHS and believed to be more up coming. 
  • 6th period sports – 6th period sports would be beneficial to sports students, making it so they wouldn’t have to take anyway from normal class time in order to travel. 


  • Japanese (1 and 2) – JNR. Adam Collins presented the idea that AHS should take it back. We used to have Japanese at AHS, but no longer provide it as a course choice. 
  • Italian – provides more language variety, as well as a chance to learn a language that would be unlikely learned anywhere else


The choices we make in high school in order to decide our future, should be more broad. The studies are focused and simple and there should be more variety at AHS.