Sad Bois and Students


Joshua Hurst

XXXTentacion song, “schizophrenia” plays through airpods on a desk.

Joshua Hurst, Writer/Photographer

The mind of a student is a fragile structure composed of various thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  And the cycle repeats itself; those thoughts, feelings, and emotions all have various sub-structures to them that include memories of how you used to like this girl, or how you just broke up with that guy, et-cetera.  The only problem is, what happens when all those structures come toppling down on themselves. Does the mind implode? Do all basic human functions shut down? Where do you go from there? These are all questions that I will be answering throughout the course of this article.  

One of the most common things that can affect your mind is heartbreak.  Heartbreak can come in many different forms. Some forms may include: breaking up with someone, losing a friend, having to move away from a group, or losing a family member.  Of course, this isn’t all the different causes of heartbreak, but they are the ones that come to most people’s mind first.  

People often tend to enter what is commonly known as sad “boi” hours.  These are when you stay up late enough to where you become unreasonably sad.  Sad “boi” hour showers are also a common thing that many have admitted to. This is when it’s late at night, and you have already entered the sad “boi” hours, and you decide to take a shower.  This could get in the way of accomplishing tasks such as homework, or a hobby that you have. Now attach heartbreak, and you have entered true sadness.  

The reason I have given the definition of sad “boi” hours is due to the sheer amount of people who enter it after their heart is broken.  Nick Avdeyev (10) is one of those people. “You don’t really enter it, it’s just more of a mood,” Nick said, “you don’t have much of a choice.”  The addition of heartbreak into the already present sadness forced upon you creates a distinct lack of feeling.  

This “lack of feeling” that the extreme melancholy produces can hinder one’s ability to produce quality work for their classes, resulting in lower grades, poor attendance, and low motivation.  “I think I just didn’t want to do school work, and I was upset so I thought the whole social aspect of being in love was everything to my life,” Sophomore Isabella Prouty said.  

Although it is nice to have someone to love, it’s not necessary for our brains to function.  Humans are social creatures, but that hole that love leaves can be filled with other things. Family, friends, or a new hobby.  The “social aspect of being in love” is truly just something that is within our head due to society pushing down on us, forcing us to get a significant other.  

Music is one of those things that can help soothe the mind during intense sadness.  A common trait found in most sad boi hour situations is the music that is played. Some people play sad music such as XXXTentacion, Juice WRLD, Lil Peep, others tend to stick to happier music such as Ed Sheeran, musicals, or Mozart.  As long as the music has a sense of calm to it, it can usually be found during a sad boi hour scenario.  

“I listen to some chill sad music and it makes me feel sad but it also makes me feel better,” Dawson Ford (10) said, “It doesn’t really matter what type of music I’m listening to, sometimes it makes me feel better, but if it brings back memories I stop that and get bummed.” 

But once all of the sadness is done, there could still be some that carries over into the next school day.  Ford also spoke about how the sadness has affected him during school; “it’s definitely harder to focus during class, and decreased my motivation to accomplish things”

Being a student is already hard enough; but now with this extra layer of melancholy feelings added on top of it, most students might find it too hard to persevere through.  A gloomy thought can ruin your day if you let it.  

So in conclusion the brain does not implode, or explode, nor do all basic human functions cease to exist, they merely take a short break.  And for that final question, of where do we go from here. The only real answer that I can give without sounding too cheesy, is up.  Sadness and heartbreak are temporary, but quitting lasts forever.