You need a yearbook, and this is why.

Imagine you invite all your friends over from high school 13 years from now.  You already ate the really nice dinner you cooked for them and somehow you’re already on the last bottle of wine you bought specifically for this night.  You’re all gathered around your living room, sitting there with nothing really to say. You’ve already talked about how the kids are doing, what you’ve been doing with your life nowadays, and the glory days in college. 

As you guys sit around, your best friend from high school says, “Remember that one guy who asked that one senior girl  to homecoming when he was a sophomore during the homecoming assembly?” And you all are thinking the same thing: “Yes, I remember something like that but, who was he and which girl did he ask again?”

Then one of your other friends has the brilliant idea to say, “Hey, where are your old yearbooks?  If I saw their faces I would remember who they were.”

And this is the moment where you realize what you have done.

The moment where you realize that you didn’t buy a yearbook.

You have let all your friends down.  You feel like such a big failure.  None of you can remember who those people were, and why it was so funny.  The rest of the night is filled with awkward silence and sporadic moments of small talk.  No one is having fun, and after about another hour, they all are looking around at each other, waiting to see who will be brave enough to make the first move to leave.

If this is you, it’s not too late to get one.  All you have to do is go to the ASB window and present your $60 to Mrs. Matter.  She will take your money, add your name to the list, and give you a receipt. That’s it.  At the end of the year, we will even bring your yearbook TO you. You don’t have to do anything.

And you have until January 31st to do this, otherwise you’ll have to wait and see if you can MAYBE get one at the end of the year.  As the Haller Middle School yearbook staff says, “Snapchats don’t last forever, but yearbooks do!”