Snow days put a damp in our schedule

Vivian Potong, Writer

Just a few weeks ago sweet icy snow was falling, and you and your friends and families were staying in drinking hot cocoa, or outside sledding on Gleneagles golf course. Maybe you were driving up to Stevens Pass for one last ski trip. Not a care in the world. All wishing for another relaxing snow day. School work and more importantly finals were the last thing on your mind.

Though that was the first for Arlington High Schools Principal, Mr. Fish, and the District.

As AHS finals were scheduled to go on the week after snow days, Mr. Fish and the District had to come to a conclusion on whether or not finals needed to be moved. As did many schools in the area with our same dilemma.

Hopefully you know by now that they’ve made the wise decision to move finals to January 29th, 30th, and 31st to accommodate AHS students.

The quick decision was made at the beginning of last week in order for students to have time to learn the full curriculum and prepare for the finals. However teachers will not have the following Monday to finish grades. My best advice to you is to study now for finals and not bombard your teachers with your last minute work. Finals were scheduled for last week so technically it should’ve been finished last week as well. This decision to move finals was a gift and I’d use it to better your grades.

As for end of semester the school has decided to not print out students new schedule. So please log in to you Skyward account to check out your new schedule in preparation for next week, and try not bombard your consolers with changes.