What Do You Want to See Under Your Christmas Tree?


Brooklyn LaMie

Presents are lying under the decorated tree of a student, waiting to be opened on Christmas day.

Brooklyn LaMie, Writer/Photographer

With Christmas right around the corner, whether you are buying for others or still putting together your own wish list, it can’t hurt to know what students are saying the most popular gifts are this year. Here is a list of the top 10 most-asked-for gifts this holiday season:

10. Hydro Flask: It was popular last year and it’s popular again. Anyone who didn’t get a hydro flask last year (and lots of people who did) are asking for one this year. They’re perfect for getting in on that VSCO girl trend, but are also reusable, which is one easy way to reduce your plastic use. Hydros are not just for girls, guys love them too and they aren’t going out of style for a while, so it’s not too late to hop on that trend!

9. Sporting Equipment: Many students that play sports want the newer and better equipment each year. Tayler Stevens (9) said “I’m asking for a glove for Christmas because I want to be able to play more positions in the infield and outfield and not have to use someone else’s glove…”. Sporting equipment can be really expensive, and it’s not something you really impulse buy. A lot of people want to get high quality equipment for their sport, which means a lot of saving up or a very generous gift.

8. Clothes: No one can turn away new clothes. By this time in the year, high schoolers have realized that they’ve missed something when school shopping, or just have noticed something someone else is wearing that we want. Popular brands right now are Nike and Adidas. Boys are asking for sweatshirts and Girls are all over the map, but you can’t go wrong with accessories like beanies or scrunchies.

7. Car: This isn’t an incredibly popular gift in terms of the whole school, because freshman can’t drive yet and many juniors and seniors already have cars. Among the sophomore class, the desire for a new car is widespread. They’re not the only ones though, “I recently totaled my car that I loved. Having a car is very important for my busy lifestyle… I guess you could say a car is even more of a need than a want for me,” Fallyn Gentry (11) said. Oftentimes you find kids asking for the practical stuff that they really want or need, who would just rather get it as a gift than save up all year for it… and who can blame them? Santa better pick up his game this year, because I don’t know how he’s gonna fit all of the cars students are asking for in his sleigh!

6. New Phone: This is a gift request every year. With every holiday season there is a new iPhone, and millions of people across the world that are ready to throw out their old in replace of the new. 

5. Shoes: Right along with clothes, no one can turn down a new pair of shoes. Vans are leading on the shoe wish list. They can be worn with anything, and both boys and girls love them. Nike running shoes, Birkenstocks, Air Force 1’s, and Doc Martens are all hype this year. White vans are always a safe bet, but right now many girls are loving the pastel colors and especially the checkered vans with sunflowers on them.

4. Pets: Who doesn’t want to wake up Christmas morning to a little furry fluff ball hanging out under their tree? Many students ask for pets for Christmas, as it’s the time they can guilt their parents into saying yes. Most kids have won this battle before now, but if you haven’t, it’s never too late to try again for that puppy!

3. AirPods: Air-pods are a trend that are probably not going to go out of style until something even more innovative is introduced. They are just so much better than having to worry about untangling your headphones every time you want to listen to music. 

2. LuluLemon Leggings: LuluLemon Leggings might just be trending more than any other gift this year. For most high school girls, LuluLemon leggings have become about as necessary as a cellphone, and that’s saying a lot! They’re pretty expensive, but high quality. “A bunch of girls on my [rowing] team have Lulus and kept telling me how nice they were and they let me try them on and I was convinced I needed a pair of Lulus!” Aubrey Engels (12) said. They’re just that good.

1. Cash or gift cards: It’s nice to have something to unwrap at Christmas, don’t get me wrong, but what all high schoolers want most is to not have to work. While most of us do, our busy schedules don’t allow us to work long enough to make the money to spend it on things that we truly want. Don’t feel like getting a friend straight up cash is a bad thing, because they can put it towards something they’ve wanted for a long time, or simply getting a coffee on their way to school, which is part of every high schooler’s daily routine. “I can pick out specific things I want for myself versus someone buying me something I might not like very much… cash is also good for gas money or just to save up for something in the future,” Heather Broyles (11) said.

It’s important to remember that a gift isn’t measured by its price tag, although these top ten gifts might be a little on the spendy side. Remember that not everyone can afford to buy their kids a car for Christmas, but their gifts mean just as much. The weight of a gift lies in the thought put into it, and no one has a holiday season quite like anyone else. Be grateful for what you have this holiday season, no matter what gifts you do receive. That being said, Happy Holidays, and I hope you all find what you want to see under your Christmas Tree!