More Than Just A Hall Pass


Emily Paul

Ms. Perrigo holds up her bathroom pass which happens to be a possessed baby doll.

Kytin Banasihan, writer

In schools across America, hall passes are required in order to leave the classroom at any point in time. Some teachers may take it seriously while others may seek it as an opportunity to embarrass their students in various ways. 

Some teachers like Mr. Murray and Ms. Harkavy simply tell you to sign out and take an ordinary hall pass. Ms. Harkavy said, “I don’t want to make it an Olympic event… I prefer something around the neck so it’s hands free.” She understands that students need a hall pass thus, creating a sign out sheet helps point out the time and location of the student whosoever leaves.

However, from time to time, teachers can get frustrated with the amount of students signing out to leave. Therefore, other teachers like Madame Taylor and Mr. Schiliaty set limits on the amount of times someone can sign out say per month, quarter, semester, or year.Though students may have an irritable expression to this limit, they start to acknowledge the fact that they have limitations; therefore, utilizing their limit when necessary.

Considering the difficulties of being a teacher, it is not surprising that many will go to great lengths to entertain themselves. One of these ways are forcing their students to carry around peculiar items that may become the laughing stock of hall passes. Some teachers that use comical hall passes include Ms. Forslund, Mr. Moberly, Ms. Perrigo, and Mr. Hurst. 

Ms. Perrigo is a teacher with a hall pass that students say is rather odd.
“My hall pass is a possessed baby.” said Perrigo. She also said,”It was a part of my halloween decorations a couple of years ago and so I need a hall pass. So I decided to just make that… my hall pass.” Furthermore, she points out the fact that she knew it would stick out; hopefully students wouldn’t forget “the baby in the bathroom” and return it back to her class. A student in her class, Allison Debary said, “It’s kinda weird, I don’t like taking it!” who also recommends that you hold the baby by its feet. 

 Mrs. Forslund is another teacher with an unusual hall pass: a Panda stuffed animal. She laughed as she said,”Well it was given to me by students in the past at my old school. Then my nieces came over and named it Amanda the Panda… so now it’s a potty panda!” A student who shall remain unnamed said,”It’s just a bear. But, you gotta hold it by the ear because it’s nasty… it’s a stuffed animal that you’re taking to the bathroom!” Forslund confesses that she uses the panda so that hopefully students would use the bathroom less because it’s “disgusting.”

All things considered, hall passes can be more than just validation for others that you are allowed to be roaming the halls of Arlington High School; every hall pass has it’s backstory.