Character Dare


Signs showing the different character traits for each month.

To begin with having character at school affect’s student life by giving them the challenge to do something that they would never do, making an impact on other people’s, giving themselves to spread more kindness and how it impacts themselves. 

Some of the challenge’s there has been is talking to a school janitor, when receiving a text wait a few minutes to respond back, talking to someone who you haven’t talked to in awhile, and talking to someone who may annoy you. 

Mrs. Martin a staff member said that “a character dares is the opportunity to engage in the practice of building their character through challenges and reflection”.

Because of this it gives people the idea of what a character dare is and also challenge them to do a character dare.

The purpose of them is “about being kind and getting to know other people,” she said. 

Mrs. Martin think’s that they impact our school by “getting more people to participate in them and our school be cool”. 

Which gives the idea of why we do them and by doing them it gives us the opportunity to meet new people and get to know them better. If more people did it in our school we would be cool since other schools may not do character dares or know what they are. 

Her opinion is “I love them and they do them everyday to earn points in class”. When she participates in them “it gives fulfillment to myself” she said. Mrs. Martin said that a character dare she did was “hold the door for others”.

This is how it’s affected Mrs. Martin and how she feels about the character dares personally and when you hold the door for others it’s always polite to let someone go in first in everyday places you go to.

However, Jake Hurst a Senior said that “a character dare is a topic that inspires a certain way you act and have a better character”.

Jake’s meaning of a character dare is how you can be affected by the way you act and how your attitude can be different to being more kind and respectful.

 The purpose of them is “trying to create a better community”. But also how they impact our school is “it’s good to see people doing them and stepping back looking at themselves to see how it’s affecting them” he said.

Having a better community will affect other communities to be inspired and try to improve their community. The way the character dare’s impact our school is good to see people changing and how it’s affecting themselves.

Jake said his opinion on them is that “he really likes them and there not that popular”. A character that Jake did was “the patience where you don’t check your phone right away and give it time to respond back and it was good to be detached away from my phone and after a while realized how crazy attached I am to my phone”, and that “there really good to do and you can reflect from each of them and every day is something new.”

This is what Jake’s opinion on them and a character dare that he did showing how it affected him and what he realized after doing the character dare and just be encouraged to do one.

Kaleb Szakacs (9) said that “a character dare is practice for the bigger picture, this month character dare is humility, today’s character dare was not to say I not be about yourself as much  more about others”.

Along with Kaleb saying this about what a character dare is he also said what the month’s character dare is and what the day’s character dare was.

The purpose of them is “not a lot of kids, student’s aren’t getting along, if we start off as a group like leadership hopefully spread more kindness out. There’s a character dare for every week but I do 5 a week” he said. An impact it makes on the school is if you see someone doing something for someone else or helping out then you have the chance of knowing the skill and understanding it so you can see it in other’s”

Meaning that not many students are getting along so by doing this can spread more kindness. Kaleb is in leadership and they do a character dare everyday. When seeing someone helping out another person and you do the character dare’s yourself you can see the skill in other students who participate.

Kaleb’s opinion on them is that “doesn’t feel like school work and isn’t exhausting, it’s something I should be working on”. A character dare I did was “ask lunch lady’s, custodian, and office staff there name’s to get to know them since there important to our school.”