Josh Hurst

Within the hallways of the B wing during "snowmageddon" of last year, the darkness creates fear.

Joshua Hurst, Writer/Photographer

Although we are nearing the season of joy, fear is still prevalent.  Many people can’t escape fear no matter what time of year it is, or how good their life is going.  Fear is something that lives within us all.  

For instance, fear holds people back from pursuing things that would benefit them.  To illustrate this, 80 percent of the 95 surveyed have a fear of rejection which negates them back from pursuing a goal.  

The fear of rejection can come in many forms.  Whether this be asking your teacher if there is any way to raise your grade up, or taking a big chance and shooting your shot with the person you like.  And although it isn’t something that can physically harm you, it sure is something that can damage a person emotionally. 

 “It’s hard to see people move on when your stuck in the same place,” Tessa Keeny (12) said.  Alongside a fear of hippos, Tessa also fear being alone. 70% of the students surveyed in the poll mentioned earlier stated that they also have a fear of being alone.  

Although society tries to push the idea on us that we can be strong and independent, the crippling anxiety of being alone can force all of us into a melancholy state of mind.  

The fear of rejection goes hand in hand with another type of fear. 

“I worry about failing… I have pretty high expectations for myself, and if I don’t meet those I feel bad” Sasha Segal (11) said.  Notwithstanding failure going well with rejection, the feelings they induce also go together.

Both rejection and failure can make a person feel sad, or even depressed in some instances.  This sadness helps further the pain that one feels whilst being scared. In this vicious cycle we call fear, there are no winners.