Cellphone Usage


I found this letter in my email that I received from principal Mr. Fish explaining the new cellphone policy.

Elizabeth Miller, Writer

Cell phone usage during school hours should be allowed for many reasons. This is important because people should see the different perspectives on why and how we should use our phones during school. There is schools were they have a ban on phones and can’t use them at all or other school’s have certain rules for phone’s but can be used at a time that’s appropriate. Yes cellphones can become a huge distraction in school but however if we use them wisely during school hours I think we should be allowed to use them. But when it comes to class time and having our phones we should have them put away when being taught a lesson, but when we have the time to work during class whether that’s the class activity that is given to us, homework session, working on assignments for other classes, etc we should be able to use our phones.

 However, we should be able to use our phones for educational reasons for example looking up definitions of words, calculator, quizlet, kahoot, and anything thing else that is school related. Also, being able to listen to music no matter what because when students listen to music it helps them concentrate and get their work done VS if they can’t listen to music they might not get their work done and get more easily distracted by others if they can’t concentrate. Also, when students are given the time to have a working period and if there are students that are all caught up in their classes, have nothing to study for then they should have the opportunity to use their phone and do whatever on it without distracting others. On the other side of things not being able to take your phone with you when you have to go the bathroom, having to go to a class to maybe drop off something, or get something from a class that you forgot to grab, whatever reason it is you should be able to bring your phone with you and not leave it in the classroom. This is for safety reasons because if you’re in the bathroom or somewhere in the school and you don’t have your phone if there’s a huge emergency whether that’s a fire, earthquake, intruder, etc you should have your phone just in case something happens and your in danger. 

A Sophomore girl said that “we should have the right to use phones during school because we can use it for academic reasons”. “About almost every period I use my phone but I still get my work done” she said. The most apps she said she uses during school is “Twitter and Youtube because they are entertaining”. She thinks that people are benefited when using their phone because “they can search up questions they may have about the work if needed”. In comparison another Sophomore girl said that “we should be able to use our phones because we are used to using our phones more than computers for education”. Yet she said they spend like “2.5-3 hours on their phone during school”.  She said that they use “Snapchat, Instagram, and google to look up dumb funny stuff for entertainment”. Also stated that “yes people are benefited when using phones because it’s freedom to have since we have to go to school and we already have rules ex. Dress code”. 

In conclusion this is all the different effects phone usage has on us as students. This is why we should be allowed to use our phones during school hours because of education, music, freedom, entertainment, emergencies, and whatever else there is to be applied to.