Student Views on the Dress Code



Kirahy Meyers (12) sits eating lunch in his fancy attire.

Josh Hurst, Writer

Dress codes across the country are being changed left and right to support this new generation of students.  These younger kids are much different than previous generations due to their political beliefs. These changes include What used to be fine for countless eras are now considered sexist or inappropriate.  Here at Arlington High School, our students have taken this new way of thinking to their advantage. 

The shortage of enforcement for the dress code has led to many people pushing it to the limits.  There has been a sudden rise of see through shirts at AHS, which is clearly due to the lack of seriousness people are giving the dress code.

 “I don’t think it’s inherently bad; however, some parts of it seem unnecessary” sophomore Jenna Estep said while talking about the dress code.  This unpopular opinion seems to fit in with most others. Along with her previous statement, Estep also said “the dress code never really (was) being enforced”.  

Although no official change has happened to the dress code, many people believe that there has been one since the “dress code” system is falling apart. 

Most people can agree on the section of the dress code that states “imply gang membership or affiliation” is a reasonable rule to have in place, but others believe that the rules should be changed.  Junior Trey Krause believes that “we should be allowed to wear bandanas and stuff”.  

One of the biggest points brought up in the dress code is that the implying of gang membership.  Students can think that this means that can’t wear bandanas. Students such as Trey Krause have shown interest in wearing bandanas before.  By allowing bandanas with these colors, spirit days any other normal activities could be opened up to another household item that most people own.  

Although only two students have been mentioned, countless others have expressed their beliefs in polls, and through action.  Thankfully, the dress code that we have at AHS isn’t that impeding on it’s students.  

To find out more about our school’s dress code, you can read the full passage either in your school planner/student handbook, or online on the school’s website.