2019-2020 class Scheduling



Students pick this form up in the Counselor’s office if there is something in their schedule that they want to try and change.

K. Starks

The beginning/end of the school year are always the most chaotic parts of the year, especially for counselors. Students are frantically trying to change their schedule so they can get out and in the classes they want to take. I mean who wants to take a class they don’t like or don’t need to graduate?

Fallyn Gentry (10) says, “We are all just trying to have fun classes we enjoy while being in school for as long as we already have. Sometimes we get stuck with terrible and useless classes, but that’s life. You don’t always get what you want.” High school classes really can be the luck of the draw.

Amari Garrisey (11) added, “The first week or two of school are very lively in the counselor’s office. You hope for the classes you choose, and some get really mad when they get a class they never asked for. I have the utmost respect for counselors because they have a hard job with not only scheduling everyone’s classes, but dealing with students who don’t have patients.” Being patient is a very important thing to do when a schedule problem occurs, as a lot of chaos is already fired up from every grade level.

Gracie Berger(11) says, “I am going to switch out of physics for my Senior year because the class of 2020 only needs 2 years of science and I already have 3 years of science.” She is one of many that the counselors has to take the time to switch her schedule.

Hundreds of kids get frustrated with how their scheduling turned out each and every year, if only students would take the time to understand how complicated and busy counselors jobs can be at that time of the year.