What is the Real Point of Naviance?

Grady Falk

As we’re all aware, Naviance is something that is dreaded by all and it is also something that has a lot of pressure behind it. However, do any of us really even know what it’s point is? As a senior who’s completed it, there is really no point at all. I don’t stand alone on this subject either. When asked if students knew what the point of Naviance was, there was one recurring answer; there is no point.

The students have the courage to speak up on how they feel on the subject, but it seems as if a lot of teachers are either not allowed to or are scared to say how they feel. One teacher said that “I think the schools intentions were to have something that allowed the students to have an online portfolio but it ended up just being busy work to graduate.” Another, however, said, no comment. I’m with some of the teachers and students who believe that there needs to be some sort of post-graduation plan for students and I am also with them in the sense that Naviance isn’t the answer.

One thing that I think the students fail to realize is that the school isn’t the one forcing students to complete a task such as Naviance, it’s Washington state. Washington state forces the students to do a high school and beyond plan, starting in middle school that is revised up until graduation,  as a way of making sure they’ve completed their requirements as a student and so that they will also have a plan for when they leave high school.

As Max Smith, 12, put it, “this is a state requirement where they got lazy by trying to jump through the hoops by using Naviance,  and it clearly didn’t work.

Logan Biddlecome, 12,  believes that “it’s just a filler because the school doesn’t know what else to do with us.”

“It’s dumb and useless. What does it even do for us?” was how Danika Barson, 9, put it.

However, while most thought it was useless, 9% of the interviewees did think it was useful. “I think that it is useful because it helps me to keep my plans and goals organized.” said Sarah Wohlleben 9.

Overall, there needs to be plan in action to help students with their lives after high school, Naviance just isn’t the answer at this point in time. I’m not saying it can’t work, but it definitely needs a makeover.