I Prouty

Isaiah Cooper(10) grabs materials to prepare for his biology lab in Mr.Weber’s fifth period.

Isabella Prouty, Writer/Photographer

It’s come that time of the year when it’s time to sign up for next year’s classes. This upcoming school year of 2019-2020 has many more classes to offer, ones where the choice doesn’t have to be so restrictive between advanced and regular.

Already, there are math classes in place that teach the same course, but with a different concept.  Sophomores have the option of taking construction geometry, taught by Mr. Gudgeon or Mr. Striegel, or just take regular geometry, providing an option for people who learn better in a more hands on environment. This is similar to a new course that has just been approved, Mr.Weber’s new chemistry in the community class.

Mr.Weber says that the class is basically,“a scenario-based conception chemistry” that doesn’t involve as much math. This allows a better way to learn chemistry without math for students that struggle with it.  The class also goes over ways to,“solve real world problems using chemistry.”

Another science class being added to the high school is anatomy and physiology taught by Ms. Alvarado.  She says that this class is,“for anyone who wants to do anything medical,” and that it’s,“absolutely necessary.” Even if the students don’t pick up all of the concepts taught in her class,“they’ll just be more prepared,” and it’s okay because,“it’s a lot of information at once.”

Another new class coming Arlington in the fall is the social media and marketing class taught by Mr.Payne.  This class is available for all grades and primarily focused on,“the business side of social media,” Payne says. “Students will have the self contained experience using social media”.

Likewise, Mrs. Hayman is teaching a new class called Senior English: Sports and Recreation that also is a new senior English course being offered next year. In freshman, sophomore, and junior year, you can either take regular English or advanced. In senior year, there are nine English options.

Mrs. Hayman says that,“the classes are tailored to the teacher,” meaning that each class is a class that the teachers chose to teach. Most students will choose the class based on the teacher but some classes will suit students better than others.

Mr. Ballew is also teaching a course called Senior English: Social Justice, an alternative to senior english that provides a more reflective take on the regular course.