Why Finland is the Best Country

Josh Hurst, Writer/Photographer

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Finland, located in the northern portion of Europe, might just be the best country in Europe because of its many different tourist destinations and residential benefits.  

One of the many tourist destinations that Finland has is the Northern Lights.  Although it is not exclusive to Finland, it is one of the only places on Earth that you can see it.  

The Northern Lights, otherwise known as Aurora Borealis, takes place when gaseous particles from our atmosphere collide with charged particles from the sun.  

But the Northern Lights aren’t the only thing that makes Finland the best country in Europe.  One of the many other reasons has to be their nature.

Finland has a policy called “Freedom to Roam”, which gives access for everyone to go everywhere as long as they are not destroying the environment.  While your roaming around Finland, it might be fairly easy to find one of the 187,888 lakes that the country has.

Finland is arguably the holder to the title of most number of lakes within a single country.  There is currently a lot of debate surrounding who is the real winner of the title; Canada or Finland, because most of Finland’s lakes are quite small.  

Whether or not you’re traveling, or if you live in Finland, you’re going to get a lot happier.  Finland is statistically the happiest country in the world. This is only one of the many benefits you get for living in Finland.

Within Europe, more and more countries are starting to lose the ability for free education.  Finland, on the other hand, is maintaining its policy for free education, because they feel “education is regarded as a fundamental right.”

The locals can also get away from all the snow by using one of their over two million saunas.  The Finns have more saunas, than they have cars.

All in all, there are so many benefits to being in Finland that it makes me believe its the best country in Europe.