ASB Elections


I. Jackson

New ASB president Maggie Delaney tries to win over the crowd with her compelling speech.

Vivian Potong, Writer

The votes are in and while some are jumping up in glee others question if this is all a popularity contest. Though if you haven’t heard who won yet welcome Brooklyn Hill, Pearl Leon Guerrero, Brooklyn Lamie, Jake Hurst, Anne Fernandez, and your president Maggie Delaney. People like Anne and Jacob were ran unopposed so they automatically got the position, but tensions were running with President and Activities Manager up for grabs. As someone who knows both Cade Younger, a track captain and past varsity football player as well as Maggie Delaney a XC state competitor as well as track participant, who is known for being one of Arlington footballs number one fans, I knew this was gonna be a tough vote. As the election assembly drew closer social media platforms were filled with polls on “who you’re voting for” and election campaigns. Cade’s little brother Levi Younger was posting in support for Cade on Instagram while Maggie filled the hallways as well as bathrooms with her crying face. They both had stepped it up, everyday there was a new poster at the top of the stairs or above the water fountain. When it came to the assembly though as many of you know Cade’s speech consisted of toilet paper and Maggie about her crying posters. After the voting was done we found out that Maggie had won. Was it a close call, maybe, but was it all just a popularity contest? That’s what I wanted to know.

Kira Abraham(9) doesn’t know the candidates well, but didn’t think it was a popularity contest because she believed Cade was more well known. That may be true because when it came down to the vote she choose Cade because she knew Levi. Maybe having a younger sibling came in handy for the election. Even though Cade lost she still believes that Maggie deserves the position and will do great things for AHS.

Senior Carla Galbana doesn’t know the candidates well either, but strongly believes that it is a popularity contest. She said that many of the popular kids tend to be varsity athletes and only do elections to get a kick out of it, and for the attention it gives them.

Carsen Mccully(10) doesn’t think elections are a popularity contest because he believes that it takes a certain kind of person to run, and that you should vote for someone who truly deserves it. He’s glad that Maggie won because “…her speech was very interesting and showed us as a school” as for Cade he thought he joked around to much.

So as society grows there’s no way of stopping the inevitable, elections are always going to happen and sometimes it’s not going to be fair. Whether or not it’s a popularity contest or not it’s up to you to vote honestly.