Gear Up For Finals

Delaney Barson, Staff Reporter

Finals, the two times a year where teachers give us tests to see how much we learned in the first half and the end of the year. This can tend to cause a panic amongst students.


Some finals are longer than others, but all the while students are either preparing or freaking out about them. There are two types of students during finals, underclassmen who are new and are freaking out and then there’s the upperclassmen who have been used to this.


Don’t think upperclassmen don’t freak out, because they do, just not as much as underclassmen do.

Finals can be emotionally, mentally, and physically draining for most. “Mentally I’m trying to memorize every last bit of information and just power through it, it’s a bit nerve wracking but I’ll get through it we all do, it’s just a bit of a grind. Physically I’m wearing clothes that are comfortable I’m trying to limit what I do in order to stay on top of things and I may or may not be eating a comfort food here and there,” said junior Corbin Arballo.


The underclassmen have realized now that high school is completely different than what their middle school selfs expected it to be, especially the finals. “High school finals aren’t like Middle school because they are more difficult and high school has a bigger impact on you. And the finals have a bigger outcome on your grade,” freshman Lexi Coker said.


For most upperclassmen they’ve got their techniques down on what ways to study and how to keep up on their review. Arballo for instance told us,”Flash cards are always a go to for things like history and math and I typically like to create this kind of isolated area where I can study and learn what I need to for the upcoming final.”


Students like Coker who look forward to finals are looking forward to seeing how well they’ve done in her first half of her freshman year. Although, she is worried about failing because she isn’t sure how it’ll affect her grade.


Some advice from an Arballo to underclassmen, “Keep up on your work and get sleep, sleep is often over looked and avoided to study but a good nights rest is essential for sitting through those long periods in addition to that is snacks, snacks are also a life saver for those who have a lack of energy.”