Martin Luther King Jr. Day Assembly

Andrew O'Claray, Reporter

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Javier Sanchez, For almost 20 years has been inspiring people about experiencing life to the fullest in a positive way. That’s exactly what he did at Arlington High School on January 18th for this years Martin Luther King Jr. day assembly.

“Leave people better than how you found them” Sanchez told us, not just family members but strangers.

Sanchez used multiple stories of his own life and the lives of his daughter and son to teach us about ignorance. One about when his daughter was in elementary school and other kids told her she couldn’t be president because she’s Mexican, she has every right as any other citizen born in the U.S., because she was born in the United States. Sanchez was mad, not at the other children, but the fact that his daughter was willing to allow other peoples ignorance stop her from doing the assignment.

“You can’t let other people’s ignorance affect your experience” Sanchez said. “Don’t let people’s opinions overcome your own”

Sanchez stated that Martin Luther King Jr. did not fight for colored people to be special, only to be recognized.

“Everyone is valuable, but no one is special, if everyone is special then no one is special, it cancels out.”  Sanchez said that “everyone is Valuable and Necessary”.

Sanchez wanted a few things he wanted the students and staff attending the assembly to take away from his speech. To not allow other peoples ignorance and opinions change your experience, and to be a light in the darkness.


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